Awa Osteo is an ACC Accredited Practice

Providing Osteopathic Care for the whole family – using gentle hands-on treatment methods such as mobilisation; soft tissue massage and cranial assessments.  For those who love to garden, dance and surf, Osteopathy can help relieve pain from injuries, and help maintain flexibility, strength, and health, so you can continue what you enjoy!

What to expect?

Osteopathic consultation – includes Assessment and Treatment Plans

We listen and take our time to understand your health concern.

For adults that can mean asking about your medical history, injuries, and any surgeries – to understand the events that may have led to your current symptoms.

For babies, we would enquire about any complications or difficult moments during mum’s pregnancy or delivery, which can cause compressions or tension held within baby and cause them to be uncomfortable and unsettled, having difficulty feeding/sleeping, amongst other concerns.

We use a range of osteopathic treatment methods, including Cranial Osteopathy, visceral, and joint mobilizations to help improve their function in both physiology and form.

For any queries or to book an appointment please call me (Anna) on 0211363573.

You can also connect with us through our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AwaOsteo.nz 

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